This Sunday 3/26/17, 6pm-8 @Thirty One West

I must also share what Lisa Bella Donna wrote with such passion:

Please take a moment to experience the frequency of Stan Smith. Stan brings to the collective of music an immense wealth of compositions and musical facility that span decades of refinement and vitality.

All you have to do is investigate the sprawling span of work this man has conceived to quickly realize you’re in the presence of a true and divine great.

One thing that sets Stan apart from the rest, is his spirit of inclusiveness to many other musical and socio~demographics. Upon meeting him nearly a decade ago, I have been amazed to witness someone who can not only hang with a symphony orchestra & highest caliber jazz ensembles, he also seeks and elevates many different kinds of human beings who make music.

He’s a true clairvoyant of the culture of the muse.

His britches are big enough to hang with the finest stylists yet he can immediately shape shift into the essence of someone who has discovered music for the first time and witnesses the arc of their own light in the muse.

I’m absolutely grateful to know this man and to have been fortunate enough to be in correlation with his flow and process.
He’s certainly elevated my life and music and continues to do so.

Stan Smith is a treasure of this city.

So catch Stan with songbird Anna Paolucci, and Roger Hines at a special Supper Club this Sunday, 6-8pm! $10 Door and $15 for Moe’s Original BBQ buffet. Purchase tix in advance or at the door. The event will be in the main ballroom of Thirty One West. Enter the box office entrance.
31 West Church Street, Newark, OH 43055
(740) 258-6002

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