Who are they?

The Consequences are:

Anna Paolucci – Vocals, Percussion

Dan Sagraves* – Upright Bass, Vocals (*Anna & the Consequences are thrilled to have this original member back in the line-up!)

Rick Soriano – Keyboards, Drums, Vocals


Anna & the Consequences are jazzy torch blues at its best, cabaret style and Lounge Lizards are always welcome. The trio features smoky songstress Anna Paolucci, plus Dan Sagraves lends his hipster edge and slaphappy fingers to the musical mix on vocals and upright bass, then add Rick Soriano’s varied musical textures on keyboards, and WOW! Sexy, sultry, swingin’ and fun!

The sound of the human voice, old wood instruments and strings, the drawn bow… music as it was for hundreds of years. It’s a fresh sound for an idea so old. Strip away electricity and hear the real sound of the human voice, person to person, as it was meant to be. As society has gotten louder and busier we’ve forgotten the sound of the voice in its purest form. Melody against chord in stark relief. Melodies that move, passion, fun… somehow they seem more honest without all the racket.

Silence is a fantastic backdrop for music but surely not the only one. Picture a New York cabaret in 1947. Full menu, big wooden bar. Fabulous dresses, smart suits and polished shoes. People talking, laughing, dancing… or not. Go ahead and have a conversation with your friends or your date. Let the sound wash over you while you enjoy each other. Pay attention for a minute until you think of something else to say. Maybe get up and move together on the dance floor.

Or come closer and listen to the voices, the sound of wood.

We are here for you.


“Another stellar performance.  Thank you, darlin’!  It’s always a pleasure having you and “the consequences” with us AND the consequences of having you with us are always great comments from our guests!”
-Jane Scott, President & CEO, Columbus Metropolitan Club

“We had never had entertainment at our Annual Convention.  It was risky to try something new but we really wanted to liven things up a bit.  The big concern was who could we get to provide entertainment that would appeal to our broad audience?  We picked Anna & The Consequences because we knew they were a nice blend of jazz and torch singing blues.  It turned out that they had the perfect vibe and volume to be background for those who wanted to talk and entertainment for those who wanted to listen.  A few people even got up and danced!   Well, they were a big hit.  I’ve already gotten a number of requests to bring them back next year.  Thanks Anna & the Consequences for making our experiment such a big success.”
– Michael O. Ranney, Executive Director, Ohio Psychological Association

“AWESOME. Everybody loved having you and the guys with us at the CMC Spring Membership Reception on May 31 and again August 29 featuring A Quarter Century of Mayoral Memories with Dana “Buck” Rinehart, Greg Lashutka, Michael B. Coleman and moderator Gail Hogan, Host of ‘Daytime Columbus’, NBC4.  Your music was lovely, appropriate, fun, upbeat and enjoyed. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you again!”
-Jane Scott, Executive Director, Columbus Metropolitan Club

“Sexy, sultry, swingin’ and fun!”

Part of the supper party fun of watching Anna & The Consequences is the chemistry of the whole group and how the music ball is tossed from member to member. Anna and Dan are both extremely talented singers… it’s all very natural, organic, and enjoyable musical fun here!
-Jon Peterson, Host. Shakin’ It Radio on WCBE, 90.5FM, National Public Radio

“These unique talents make for a night of fine live entertainment. And did I mention sexy?!”
-Owner/Promoter of Stache’s & Little Brother’s, May 1988 to Jul 2007