Musicians Ya Missed

Ya Missed These Musicians!…

Dennis HodgesDennis Hodges:

Dennis Hodges is an active guitarist and instructor in the Columbus area. He has performed with the Columbus Broadway series, the Columbus Jazz Orchestra, and the ProMusica Chamber Orchestra, as well as several cover bands in bars and at private events. He has taught at Capital University and the Jazz Academy, and currently teaches for and Squeo Music. Dennis’ favorite musical setting is one that’s diverse; the Consequences certainly meet that challenge!

Jas Scarff:

Jas plays acoustic, electric, and classical guitar. A Central Ohio native and graduate of Ohio Wesleyan and Ohio State Universities, he has studied jazz guitar with Don Hales, classical guitar with Paul Hinrichs and folklore at Ohio State, where he received a master’s degree and worked in the Center for Folklore Studies. He loves early blues, finger style guitar, and working those traditional styles into the most unlikely of places. He has performed folk funk with William D. Burton and the MVPs, pop with So Everything, Latin music with flamenco troupe Sangria, and bossa nova with the instrumental duo Aura Nova. He has recorded with folk artist Victoria Parks and singer-songwriter Laura Holliday, and first performed with Anna Paolucci at a benefit concert in 2003. It was love at first listen, and getting to play with Anna & The Consequences is at the top of the list of his playing career. He looks great in shades and has started a hat collection to add to the group’s fashionable style.

Phil Maneri:

Phil has been a professional Bass Player for more than 3 decades, playing with many local legends in venues across the country. The partial list includes The Maneri Brothers, Flypaper, Delyn Christian, Stonebyrd, Mullins Band, Donna Mogavero, Sally Fingerette, Blues at Last, Men of Leisure, Lost Dog, Luv Hed, Soul Kitchen, Fortune, Chalice, Mark Chatfield, Rodger McGuinn, Fred Haring, Uncletoad and Drumzand Wires. He took up guitar repair in the early eighties and since the late 90’s he has been the proprietor of the Fifth Avenue Fret Shop. Forever a Rock Stallion, with an extensive fashion palate, Phil is always the dapper one on stage. Although mostly seen wielding his huge 150 year old Upright Bass, he is known for his collection of vintage electric basses and expensive shoes.

Elliot 12trees:

Elliot is a singer, musician and songwriter whose efforts are fueled by a passionate love of and drive to make music. She has been singing golden notes, playing and performing most of her life beginning with her family. Her missionary parents envisioned their five daughters joining them in music as a way to express their feelings of hope and joy. Elliot grew up traveling, performing, singing and playing instruments with her family in Spain and the United States. Later, she began writing her own songs and music, which has been informed by a varied, eclectic and unusual exposure to music. She has been performing this music solo and accompanied by other musicians at many Columbus venues for over fifteen years. She has participated in numerous musical fundraising events and projects for many causes including writing and recording a modern choral piece with local volunteer musicians for the Columbus Coalition for the Homeless Foundation.